Unified Office Videocast Series for QSR Franchise Owners and Operators

The 3 Essential Ingredients of a QSR Business Communications Service

Part 2: Driving Operational Excellence

QSR’s are known for their focus on efficiency and productivity in all areas of store operations from online ordering to food preparation and delivery.

However, there is a major opportunity for franchisees or operators to drive more effectiveness from their staff and higher sales growth for each of their stores. That area is capturing and processing telephone orders. Customer calls – especially during busy hours – can be answered more quickly and orders processed more effectively with the help of a QSR business communications service from Unified Office.

This video features an interview with Rob Scheiper, partner at MAR Pizza Group and responsible for the operation of 80 stores across the US. Rob shares his keys for driving operational excellence with the use of key metrics to manage performance. These metrics measure the volume of calls, the time to answer and service those calls and the performance of team members in processing orders from those calls. He combines the use of historical reports to measure continuous improvement with real-time alerts that allow him to resolve issues quickly and improve operational effectiveness.

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