Another “Domino’s Logo Network” Franchisee’s Experience with Unified Office

Augusto “Gus” Garcia of Springfield Pie

“I would like to say that I went back and forth with Unified Office and other companies for about one year. I balanced all the competitive pros and cons and realized that nothing out there compares to the Unified Office service!

It is a very easy system to use and you don’t have to worry about anything! The installers do all the work for you, and leave the store with everything working!

My phone bill went down, sales went up, customer satisfaction experienced a huge increase, and customer disputes with employees or credit card frauds can easily be solved now.

My store is in a high crime area and we have helped the police catch the bad guys using the system’s call recording capability. The bad, cancelled and edited down orders have been reduced drastically from an average of $8,000 per month to under $3,000.

I was very cautious about buying this system, not only because it was new, but also because nobody had a store near me. I was having second thoughts about spending the extra cash. I am very happy to say that the upfront cost has been paid back in less than 3 months. From now on it is just profits!

By the way, their customer service is great and very responsive. Most of the time I get a reply in minutes! The other day, all the stores in my area did not have phone service because of Comcast Internet issues, I was very happy because I was fully operational with my wireless broadband back up! I have not even used 25% of the features in this system yet and I am glad I got it. Good luck to all.”