Get “In The Green” – Franchisee Referral Program


This is your opportunity to receive a $100 American Express Gift Card for every successful franchisee referral you make.

It’s a gift from Unified Office to YOU!

You are an entrepreneur, a team player. You work hard to make your business a success. You attend conferences, meet and engage other franchise owners, area supervisors and store managers, exchanging information and networking with them to uncover operational best practices that deliver optimal franchise-wide performance.

If you are a Unified Office customer, you know first-hand the tangible benefits of the Total Connect Now™ service and the Visual Performance Suite of analytics.  Keeping each store “In the Green” means operating the entire franchise at peak performance.  Perhaps you have seen a Total Connect Now demo or have an acquaintance whose stores are using Total Connect Now. Why not share the benefits of Unified Office’s innovative managed communications service with your colleagues? For each new franchisee you refer, and when they activate their “first store” service with us, you’ll be “In the Green” with a $100 American Express Gift Card. It’s that simple!

Start making your referrals today and get everyone “In the Green“!


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